Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Update

Hey girls!  Just wanted to stop by and give you a quick update.  We are totally enjoying being homeowners!  One of these days we will unpack the garage.  LOL. 

Bob got a different job in the same company at work, and his commute is now only across Spanish Fork instead of 3 towns away (sure, that was only 15 minutes, but 3 towns sounds more impressive..).  He drives a box truck and delivers raw materials to the main warehouse.  He is SO much happier with this position than his previous one.  He is LOVING being a daddy.  And Danny is always so happy to see his daddy come home.

Tom is slowly adjusting to life here.  He is SO shy.  And always buried in a book.  LOL.  One of these days he will make friends, right?  He got an award as school last year for reading the most books.  And he was only there for half the year.  hehe.

Emeline is doing great.  She fits in anywhere she goes.  Plus she still has her friends in Springville that she does stuff with.  And friends in Texas that she texts with all the time.  She is a social child.  And SUCH a great babysitter.  Love that girl!

Joe is a nice boy.  He got glasses this summer.  And wasn't very happy about it.  LOL.  He got to do soccer this spring, and finished up 5th grade.  We have Junior High here, so Joe gets 1 more year of elementary school.  I think it will be good for him.

Jim hasn't made any friends here yet.  I hope he does this school year.  Poor Jim.  He got glasses too.  Now all of the kids (except the baby) have glasses.  We have an above ground pool in the backyard, and Jim has been having a ton of fun swimming.  And playing with his Legos downstairs.

And the baby.  Danny is SO freaking cute!  I love that little guy.  He is now 10 months old, and still doesn't crawl.  Cause there are SO many people to pick him up.  He does stand and cruise on the furniture, though.  I bet he walks in the next month.  Who needs crawling, right?  He loves to shake his head no, fake sneeze, play peekaboo, and clap his hands.  I totes love him!

And me?  I've been sick.  And I probably will be until January.  When we have another baby!!!!!  That's right, baby #7 (#2 for Bob) will be making it's appearance mid January!  And then I'm done.  I turn 40 in December, and am WAY too old for this crap.  hehe.  I've been sick almost every day.  I'm 14 weeks along, and hoping for a girl.  My niece says that because I want a girl I will have a boy.  ROFL!  As long as the baby is healthy, I'm good.  I will either be Kathrine Rebecca or Michael Robert.  Fingers crossed that it's baby Kate!

We are going to Oregon in August for a visit.  I am SO excited.  I haven't been there since 2008.  That's like forever ago!!!!  I'm excited to show Bob my state and hometown.  And my family!  He hasn't met my extended family yet.

So, I just wanted you guys to know that I'm alive and thriving.  Life is good!  The lord answers prayers.  Never give up!!!